I Sleep With Ghosts


Suddenly, there was a noise coming from the space inside your fingernails.
This dirty old pond, you know it will follow you to the deepest end of any ocean.
I can’t swim, but i have recklessly lived on landscapes where I’ve drowned in words i can’t pronounce.

These things, Oh these things I don’t know about.
I am bent in the suffix of verses.
I do sinful like I have no surface.

The heat is off,
But the sunshine is like a razor blade that can cut stone.
Please be careful, there’s glass in the comfort of pillows.
And the softest scream is like flowers that grow in empty attics.

The Artist


She lives quietly on the tip of my lips.

She breaths clouds that I can sleep on like in romantic movie scripts

There is a wilderness fire in the bones of bee’s
When all I want is the sting that burns like breeze.

I may be a godless man, but the wings on my back are made of polyester and golden hair.

They Bring Fear

black and white dark birds digital art ravens 1920x1200 wallpaper_www.animalhi.com_33

Not again, not the flowers that grow in cement of skins.
I’m waking up in blindness,
So I can calm the darkness.

You read my mind like a novel out of print.
I could almost feel your cold fingers ripping out each page.

Like night, the colorectal of ink fill my veins.
Maybe you can feel the blood that flows between the roots of my fingers.

I have days that taste like sour milk.
And the thought of crawling back into a womb without a push – is only a pull I can’t imagine.

Fade Up


When I left the forest deep inside your heart.
I cut a few veins along the way.
I left the place dirty and messy.

Face up beauty scar.
Ugly stars and cigarette smoke.
Fade up again, I’m so tired.

The Dark Story

North Wood

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A small house on a field of brown grass, it’s the mud under my feet I remember the most.

I feel the dirt of the sun in my eyes.
Spliced beams pushing in the vague of motion sickness.

Upon the backs of worms,
I feel the crust of the earth in my hands.

The Girl Gun


Those bullets are made out of joy.

She’s pissing zen like happiness is a warm gun.

This is the part when the lights go out.
I can hear my crooked smile turn perfect.

Do you realize or dig real lies?
Oh those ill eyes, good night and sleep well.

Pretty Up Here


You have the most beautiful scars I have ever seen.
I could almost drink the blood from the wounds of your skin.
This is what moves me,
This is what heaven almost feels like.

They could burst into a thousand pieces
I could misspell the word, harmony in the pages of your song book. (more…)

Sleep On Your Floor


Inside the grass of your palm.
It’s like carpet burn,
My head is a bomb.
You shoot to dissolve, like rust that never fades out.
Settle down like rotten sunsets.
Settle off in the land of adore.


Mr. Chaos


In a clot of fluid.
The beans of the sun turn into fields of green.
My heart stops beating for a minute or two.

If this is chaos in luxury.

And my life is blood-shot red.

Oh open your eyes.

You better wake me.

You better wake me.