My Artificial Sweetener

Through the madness,
Into the stars of acid.
You are the crystal to my clear, oh dear.

It began with a taste that never lost it’s flavour.
Not again, but it looks like I’m drowning in your sulk of sin.
This is the best part I know.
When I breathe you so hard.
You begin to lose your breath.

Through the edge of velvet.
Warm skin frost on the curve of your lips.

Kiss the rain under tattoo skies.


On The Wings of Dragonflies

What if the sun could write a book about incompleteness.
So enthralling, that your skin burns off.

If you could read every word I wrote.
So unimaginative, you turn into the sweetest dragonfly landing on my arm.

It is those clear days that I can sleep sigh-fully on the wings of this dragonfly.

Fly boundless, fly neither.




There is some fiction in the tale of cancer,
It feels like a moonlight without reflection.

“A spoiled moon in the curse of a ship wreck.”

It seems like I’m dragging dirt in your ocean.
I don’t want to kiss the sound, inept pale reflection.

Now that you feel,
An aspiration of dust on the cashmere of your blanket.


Shine Fade Automatic

Flowers grow here, but the prettiness is nothing like the flowers you grow on concrete.
There’s a strong desire to spit on clouds without tripping.
And the passion ran out the door like a house cat.

Fade my skin in used photos and mercury soup.
She ate me up with single plurals and unnecessary rhymes.
I am that way in many ways lost for words.

I found myself yesterday.



Through the shadows,
Inside your riot, a place of burnt and beauty.

Oh dance to the beat.
Oh dance to the beat.

You can feel the sharpest blade at the tip of your fingers.
You can hide behind the sunrise in the landscape of your fingernails.

Oh dance to the beat.
Oh dance to the beat.


Sleeping Ugly

There is lust in the footprints of an old heart.
You disappear softly in the ease of a storm.
Of all the words, tangled in anger, left out in the rain.
Of all the poems, I wrote in the dark.
I could not see the color of your mood ring.


My Underground


The nothing sun, when you cannot feel it.
And your warmth is like the coldest hands on skin.

I don’t want to eat sins like yesterday.
I have too many confessions on my plate.

Dried skin, in the amidst of violet flowers.
There is no sky but only birds in cages.


Pale Moon Muse

Like a pale moon,
Gracefully haunting yield sunsets.

Like skin for water.
I’m so thirsty, but I never swallow.

Like everything else,
I’m nowhere in-between the else.


Of All The Things I Found and Lost

The clouds slipped away beneath the spaces of your fingers.
I use to be the desire that overflowed from the mouth of madness.

We define calm like a tooth being pulled out.
Soothing as liquid metal down your throat.

I feel so reckless and strange,
Words of things often misspelled and unsaid.


We Are Darker

In your little heart,
A little piece of drag always cuts me open.

The deepness is like ultra.
A lipstick blade, a mouthful I bled….

I could hear a flower grow in the middle of a concrete road.
Pull me out of the womb, pull me out of this sun.